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Spiritual healing, recognized in many ancient religions, has been a principle of Spiritualism since its beginning. Today, on a national basis, evidence is growing in the medical community of the importance of spiritual healing to the cure of the individual in need. Evidence is growing that the whole person needs treatment, not just the illness.


A Spiritualist Healer is one who, either through his or her own inborn power or through mediumship, is able to transmit curative energies to physical conditions. The results of Spiritual Healing are produced in several ways:


By spiritual influences working through the body of the medium to transmit curative energies to the diseased parts of the recipient's body.


By spiritual influences enlightening the mind of the medium so that the cause, nature and seat of the disease in the recipient is made known to the medium.


Through the application of absent healing treatments whereby spiritual beings combine their own healing energies with the energies of the medium and cause them to be absorbed by the system of the recipient.


A Spiritualist Healer works with the spirit, mind, emotions, and the body of the recipient. A Spiritualist Healer is aware that once stress is removed from the mind and emotions, the body will respond naturally. This brings about holistic healing in the patient.


Spiritualist Healers acknowledge the importance of the medical community and work in cooperation with it at all times. Spiritualism recognizes that the medical community is an instrument of healing of the Infinite.

Prayer for Spiritual Healing

I ask the great unseen healing force to remove all obstructions from my mind and body and to restore me to perfect health. I ask this in all sincerity and honestyand I will do my part. 

I ask this great unseen healing force to help both present and absent ones who are in need of help and to restore them to perfect health. I put my trust in the love and power of God.


Healing Prayer by Rev. Jack Addington (IGAS) Arizona

I bless my body, it is the temple of God, pure Spiritual substance.
Every cell in my body is activated by divine intelligence.
Every organ in my body is activated by the involuntary life within me in perfect harmonious action.
Each organ in my body is a perfect part of a perfect whole.
The perfect wholeness that is God expressing as me.
I bless my body and give thanks for it.
It is a faithful servant provided and maintained to house the individualization of God known as myself.
I bless my body and release it in perfect confidence to the Father within who neither slumbers nor sleeps in His care for me.
And so it is.
Amen – Amen - Amen!

Prayers from healers and other sources. In the areas of physical, mental and emotional health, many of us are obsessed or even possessed by undesirable outside influences, earthbound and other negative entities. Here is a powerful prayer and meditation we can use, both for self-protection, and to enhance the healing of those on our list. The following is adapted from spiritual self-defense techniques devised by Harold Sherman, who instructs us:

"Repeat this meditation aloud (or mentally) as often as you feel the need day and night, until you develop a conscious awareness of the presence of God, or the Creator, or the Great Spirit within. It has been demonstrated that it is impossible for any evil entity to remain attached to any human consciousness in the presence of this higher power."

I am never alone.

God, the Father, is always with me.

My soul, my identity - that something that says, "I am I" to me - is an eternal gift from God, the Great Intelligence.

I can never lose myself because this self is a part of God.

I am part of God, and God has a great purpose in life for me which He is revealing day by day as I grow in strength of body, mind and spirit.

I am well and strong. I have the power to overcome all things within me.

In God's care, no harm can befall me.

I now give myself over to God's protection and will follow His guidance day by day.

After this meditation make the following affirmation, ordering all the evil influences to be gone. Issue this order with all the force at your command.

Get out and stay out. I won't have any more to do with you anytime, anywhere. I call upon the God presence in me to throw you out. You must go to you allotted and chosen place beyond.

[An alternative and shorter version of this for protection is the Divine Light [or Love] Invocation. Simply affirm

I am created, protected, sustained and surrounded by Divine Light [Love]. I am ever growing into Divine Light.


This can be practiced without words, just by stretching the arms above the head in a "V" pattern, and lowering them slowly, doing this three times for body, mind and emotions, and spirit, chant OM "aum" or a personal silent prayer or mantra with this, if you wish.]